Support Us

Dear friends,

In the Volunteer Doctors – Cyprus Organization, we strive to give smiles and hope to our fellow human who is starving, is homeless, doesn’t have the opportunity to receive education, and doesn’t have the opportunity to receive medical care, our fellow human that suffered the violence from clashes or natural disasters.

We create infrastructure for better living and healthier conditions. An orphanage was built in Kenya to embrace and give hope for a better tomorrow to a 100 children. In Zimbabwe, a farmhouse was created where olive trees from Cyprus and tropical fruit trees were planted, and where sheep and goats are raised. Three hundred children can go to school and wear new clothes and shoes through the sponsorship programme that our organization operates in the country. They can smile towards a brighter future.

In Kenya, a medical center was created with a fully equipped dental clinic, microbiology lab and pediatric section. Sponsorship programmes have been organized in 2 different regions where 200 children have their food and education assured.

With your practical support and assistance, you allow us to continue our work. Believing in your sensitivity, we expect your wholehearted support towards the Organization.

Organization’s Bank Accounts:

Bank of Cyprus : 357012551296